Tennis Cancelled

tennis cancelled tonight Wednesday 12th August Due to rain


court hire

Court hire is closed till further notice.

Only open for Wednesday & Thursday night comp & Wednesday Mixed & Thursday ladies social mornings


Winter Competition

Winter Comp commencing on Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th June 2020, Starting time 7pm & all teams will have 2 courts. Social distancing rules apply. Still looking for teams for Thursday night or players that would like to play.

Contacted Jean on 0449253886 or facebook


Re-opening Courts

Starting tomorrow;-

Wednesday 27th May 2020 :-  Social 8am – 11am, Thursday Ladies Social 9am – 11am

Booking only for Tennis court hire:- Ring Jean 0449253886 or Message on Facebook

Tuesday 1pm – 3pm, Thursday 3pm – 5pm, Saturday 1pm – 3pm & Sunday 2pm – 4pm



Reopening the Tennis Courts Following Covid-19

Reopening the courts following Covid-19:
 Review of Tennis NSW requirements, General Rules:
 Courts 2, 4, 6 & 8 are closed.
 On the remaining courts no more than 4 players are permitted.
 No spectators are allowed excluding a supervising committee member.
 You can only play with one partner for the day.
 Toilets are for emergency use only.
 Disabled toilet will be opened. The other two will be closed.
 The disabled toilet will be cleaned after every use.
 The club roomed will remain locked.
 All payments to be for play are to done via internet banking, for social tennis
this can be done monthly in arrears.
 Hand sanitiser must be used and after you play and avoid touching your face
while playing.
 Bring your own drink bottle and food. Do not share with anyone.
 Be aware of surfaces you touch and wipe them down.
 There is to be no sharing of any equipment.
 Observe social distancing at all times.
 Do not shake hand – instead touch racquets
 Avoid changing ends
 Yvonne to arrange signage to be displayed including toilets for emergency
use only.
 Cloth towels to removed from the toilet and replaced with paper towels.
 Hand sanitiser to be purchased and hooked to all gates being used.
 Jean is key contact for all members.
 Yvonne is responsible all essential purchases
 Review of Tennis NSW requirements, Social Tennis:
 Social tennis to recommence this week observing the rules above.
 Wednesday will be 8.00am to 11.00am.
 Thursday will be 9.00am to 11.00am.
 Names and phone numbers must be provided to the dedicated committee
person on duty of all players.
 Balls will be put aside and clearly marked Wednesday & Thursday Social
 Review of Tennis NSW requirements, Court Hire:
 There will be time slots made available and must be booked via Facebook or
calling Jean Little.
 The slots are Saturday 1pm to 3pm, Sunday 2pm to 4pm, Tuesday 1pm to
3pm and Thursday 3pm to 5pm.
 There is no picking up of the key from across the road allowed.
 Payment is to be made in advance via internet banking
 You bring all your own equipment including balls
 You must provide all players names and phone numbers to the dedicated
committee member that will be on duty.
 No more than 4 players can book at a time.
 Jean to organise the roster for the dedicated committee person to supervise.
 Review of Tennis NSW requirements, Saturday Morning Ladies:
 Same rules apply as per court hire.
 They are to keep a record of names and phone numbers of all payers.


Semifinals & BBQ

Semifinals & BBQ Night so please come along & bring a salad or sweet

Monday night

Tigers  v  Mid Court Crisis

Cliff Hangers  v  Mighty Ducks

Aces  v  Deucebags


Wednesday Gold

Slammers  v  Mishits

Here for Beer  v  Mustangs

Awesome 4some  v  3 1/2 Men


Wednesday White

Soggy Carrots  v  Deucebags

Casual Sets  v  Hit & Giggle

Jeffies  v  Unknowns


Thursday Gold

Fluffy Balls  v  Deuces

Family Affair  v  One Hit Wonders


Thursday White

The Hackers  v  Cookies

Courtside Cruisers  v  New Balls

Wimblechill  v  Dark Helmet

Wiggety Whack come for a hit


tennis cancelled 5/3/20

due to rain tennis is called off 5/3/2020


Tennis Cancelled 4/03/20

Due to the courts being flooded, tennis will be called off for tonight.


No tennis tonight 27/01/2020

Just a reminder no tennis tonight. Due to public holiday


Cancellation Monday Night Tennis 20/01

Sorry for the inconvenience but due to the weather, tonight has been called off.

Regards, Jean